Flight Paths

Flight Paths

Our Flight Paths are a prediction of what our pupils will achieve in Key Stage 4. In September 2016 the use of leveling was abolished, meaning schools were no longer required to report on a 'level' of a pupil, but rather show how much progress they are making.

Upon joining the school our pupils are given a Flight Path in each of their subjects. This Flight Path is decided by our teachers after rigorous baseline assessments as well as external information (FFT). We also use Key Stage 2 assessment information where relevant.

In their lessons, pupils receive in-depth feedback about their progress. All teachers report on progress using the 4 actions below:

Above Target
On Target
Below Target
Serious Weakness

Where a pupil is 'below' or have been identified as having a 'serious weakness' interventions are put in place to get them back on track.

Below is a table explaining each Flight Path. If you have any questions about this please contact Miss Gower at the school and she will be happy to talk these through with you in further detail.