School Council

School Council

The School Council meets on a Friday once a half term, Each form group has a class representative and a deputy representative. The school council offers pupils in school a chance for the their voice to be heard. Minutes are taken and shared with the staff too enable them to feedback at the next meeting. ​
Purpose of the School Council

The purpose of the School Council is to:

  • Plan and organise activities and projects which will foster the social growth and civic development of The Observatory School pupils.
  • Assist the school in projects that benefit the pupils and the school.
  • Give the school pupils a voice in matters that affect them.


Form  Representatives Duties

The Form Representatives duties include:

  • Upholding the constitution of The Observatory School School Council.
  • Reporting and representing the thoughts and ideas of their class to the Council.
  • Attending all meetings.
  • Helping with any School Council events.
  • Informing their class of any news or events discussed in the School Council meetings.