Skills for Life

Skills for Life

Whilst the development of Skills for Life is embedded into the daily education and care for all of our pupils, we also dedicate time to this during our Reward sessions and Afterschool Clubs.

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn a variety of skills, such as cooking. Areas within this include; practical cooking skills, healthy eating, food shopping, labeling, food safety, hygiene and storage. These skills will benefit pupils during their time in school and will continue to do so once they have moved on from secondary education.

The ethos of  Skills for Life  is to give all pupils the opportunity to learn skills that they will be able to use in their everyday lives. The lessons are delivered in a stimulating, creative and enjoyable environment.

The main aim is to prepare pupils for life after school and to equip them with the skills to become independent adults.

The emphasis is on building practical skills, and developing confidence whilst raising awareness of the world around them, their responsibilities and how they fit in. Sessions are mainly practical to provide hands-on learning. Pupils can expect to participate in various trips, undertake group tasks, meet with people from within our local community and undertake tasks they may have previously thought were for adults.



Career guidance is provided during the course of Y11 and is intended to help pupils consider all the various options available to them. Pupils are invited to attend one to one interviews to determine exactly which direction to follow.

We also have a strong focus applied to careers embedded across the Skills for Life Curriculum. Please see below for further details:

  • Barclay's Work Skills (we also have Barclay's Career days)
  • CV planning
  • Application Form workshops
  • Career Planning
  • Interview techniques.
  • Enterprise Projects


2017/18 Activities



Sewing/ Stiching

Enjoying Fitness