The Observatory School has seen a renaissance in the curriculum delivered over the last 6 years. Pupils are achieving more and more every year. The hard work of the staff has led to the building of a school which provides an exceptional learning environment where support is scaffolded to allow the delivery of  high quality courses that ensure the best possible outcomes for every pupil on roll.

With our new Base system, pupils have PSHE, Maths, English, Humanities, Citizenship and ICT in their own classrooms. Art, Science, PE and Food Technology are delivered in specialist classrooms. Pupils also have 1:1 interventions from our team of Learning Mentors where needed.

The curriculum to adapted to suit the needs of each individual pupil, whether they be on our sensory/social pathway or on our intervention program. Our curriculum is tailored to suit the needs of all.

In contrast to other local special schools, we give our pupils a choice in their study pathway at Key Stage 4. The overwhelming majority choose to stay here throughout their time at school to ensure they receive the best possible teaching and learning experiences.

We believe there is no substitute for school and training providers are only appropriate provision for a minority of pupils, not the majority.

Some of our curriculum aspects are sighted by OFSTED as areas of Good Practice and have won prestigious national and international awards.

If you would like further information on any curriculum related issues, please do not hesitate to contact our Deputy Headteacher, Sarah Gower on 0151 652 7093

Use the link below to view our whole school visual timetables:

Visual Timetables