CREACTION – ‘Name our mascot’ competition

Our Erasmus + project CREACTION is now underway.

As a school which seeks to reach beyond its community to support our pupils to have a better understanding of the wider world, we are participating in a project from 2018 to 2020, with schools from France, Spain, Italy, Finalnd and Turkey, entitled 'Come Reach Europe and Create Talent in our Nations' (CREACTION). The project is centered on giving pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with additional needs the opportunity to travel and learn in different countries.

Last month we held a competition to design a logo for the project. Each school entered 3 logos and pupils voted for the logo they wanted to represent the project. Our pupils worked hard and we had lots of creative entries. Miss Gower picked 3 to be entered. It was a close call and the winning logo was from a pupil in France. I think you will agree it is a deserving winner.

The next part of the project is a competition to name our mascot. 3 names from each school will be uploaded to Twinspace for pupils to vote for the winning name. If you have any suggestions please see Miss Gower who will enter them into the competition.


If you would like more information on our Erasmus+ project please contact Miss Gower.