Erasmus Teachers visit The Observatory School

On the 02/06/2019 to 04/06/2019 we had a visit from our International Teachers. We had 3 days of international activities involving international cooking, languages, sport, music and drama.

The whole school got involved in the activities and they were all excited to learn more about our Erasmus countries through their teachers. The pupils really enjoyed the cooking workshops which were led by our international teachers. Our pupils learned how to cook traditional dishes from each of the countries. Thank you to Mr Horner for leading this activity and showing our teachers around the kitchen.

Language workshops were also held and our pupils had the opportunity to learn basic phrases in French, Italian, Spain, Turkish and Finnish. Everybody involved really enjoyed the workshops and all of the pupils made a real effort to talk in another language. Leon in year 7 said "I really liked learning some French. I went to France and I love being involved in the Erasmus projects."

Frankie in year 9 was keen to learn about the lives of young people in other countries and asked questions about their hobbies and interests. There was a common theme of playing Fortnite, which showed that hobbies in other countries are very similar.

The Finnish teachers are music teachers and very talented musicians. In the hall Johanna played the piano and the whole hall sang along. A selection of songs chosen by the pupils were played and it was amazing to see everyone getting involved in singing along!

Miss Kelly and Miss Gower gave workshops to the teachers about working with children who have SEN. Strategies and information was given and the international teachers really enjoyed learning about SEN in more detail. They took home with them resources to use in their own school and they said it really opened their eyes to the challeges SEN pupils face when in school.

Our international teachers then used the knowledge about SEN they had learned to create 2 umberellas for our ADHD Foundation Umberella project. They enjoyed it so much they are planning to do a similar project at their own schools.

To round off the event the whole school played a game of rounders. We had the International team (whcih included the children who had been on the international trips) verses the rest of the school. It was an exciting game and a very close call...the home team won the game. Our international teacher enjoyed the game and getting to know our pupils better.

Miss Gower said "It has been an amazing 3 days in school and a pleasure to host such a fantastic event. Our pupils have been perfect hosts and have really shown the best of the school to them. They have been polite and well mannered as well as being eadger to learn more about the teachers and the countries they come from. Learning from first hand experiences is such a great way to learn new things and our pupils have really embraced the whole event."

Miss Dowd said "There has been a buzz of excitement around the school and everyone has been keen to learn more about the Erasmus project and the teachers who have visited."

We are now all looking forward to visiting Spain in September and seeing everybody again.


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