GCSE Results Day

Thank you to all those for being understanding of this years result process. Due to building work on the school site it is not accessible to the public. This is to ensure the safety of our pupils and parents/carers. We really do appreciate your support with this.

We are very proud of each and every pupil in the school and wish you luck for the future. We are here to offer support and guidance throughout the year. Please feel free to come and visit us from 2nd September, when the school will be reopened.

A reminder about the grading system

All of your subjects will be graded under the new 9-1 grading system

Here is a chart to see how your results match up with the old grading

On the day
Don’t go on social media - it’s tempting to see how others have done, but try not to compare yourself with your peers
Don’t feel rushed into making any decisions. There are deadlines for marking reviews and making applications to further education providers, but it’s important to take time to process your results and next steps if you need it
Don’t forget to note down any important information you may need later, such as phone or reference numbers
Remember that GCSEs are not the end of the world, and there are always options.

Requesting a review of a marking decision

Remember that your result may go down or stay the same, and you can’t reject the review of marking and go back to your original grade.

If you think your result is incorrect, talk to your school as soon as possible
You cannot make an appeal to the exam board directly – you must go through your school’s official channels

You can request different types of review:
1. A clerical check, where the exam board will check things like the adding up and recording of marks
2. A marking review to check that the mark scheme has been applied correctly
* Your school may be able to request a copy of your exam script from the exam board, to help decide whether to request a review
* You must provide written consent for your school to request access to your exam script or to request a clerical check or marking review
* There’s a fee for these services, and the cost depends on the exam board. Your school may ask you to pay for this. If your result changes (either up or down), the fee will be waived.

Thursday 29 August – deadline for schools to make requests for exam scripts
Thursday 19 September – deadline for schools to make requests for reviews of results

You can resit your English or Maths GCSE in November. Your school or college may allow you to continue on to your A-levels/further education and resit the exam at the same time.
For other subjects, you have to wait until next summer if you want to resit.

Missed the grades? Get on the phone

Speak to your chosen sixth form or college as soon as possible to see if they will still accept you.
Even if you can’t study the subjects or qualifications you wanted, they might be able to fit you onto a different course
* If not, then make a list of alternative providers in the area and call around to see if they can offer you a place
* Remember, there are always other options. Apprenticeships offer the chance to study and earn money at the same time, and you can do one in areas such as IT, law, health and education

Useful contacts
* The Exam Results Helpline (0800 100 900) is open 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, and is totally free – an experienced careers adviser will be on hand to talk about any anxieties you have and help make a plan for what you should do next
* Get in, go far (www.getingofar.gov.uk) is the government’s official website for information about apprenticeships, including details about what’s available and how to apply
* Prospects (www.prospects.ac.uk) is aimed at A-level and university graduates, but it’s a useful place to research careers and find out which subjects or qualifications you need for a chosen career path
* The National Careers Service (www.nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk) provides information and advice to help you make decisions about learning, training and work