Information for Year 11 Pupils

All academic and vocational exams have been cancelled until further notice and we understand that there will be a level of anxiety about how GCSE grades will be allocated.

You're probably concerned about the completion of your courses, the grades you will be awarded, and how it affects your progression to Post 16 education in September 2020.

Read the information we've gathered below.

What happens to my GCSEs?

Your teachers will make a fair and objective judgement of the grades they believe you would have achieved had you taken your exams this year.

They will take into account the following:

* Non-exam assessment
* The results of any homework assignments
* Mock exams
* Any other records of your performance over the course of study
* Schools and colleges have been given clear guidance on the process to help staff take a common approach to assessing their students.

Once teachers have graded their students, this information will be sent to external assessment centres, which will then issue final grades for the whole country.

When will results be released?

Everyone involved is working hard to get results out as soon as possible.

Results won’t be delayed after the dates they were expected in August and ideally will be issued a little earlier, so you can have the certainty you need.

Will grades issued in 2020 carry the same weight as grades issued in previous or future years?

The grades you are awarded will have equal status to the grades awarded in other years and should be treated in this way by universities, colleges and employers.

On the results slips and certificates, grades will be reported in the same way.


Will I be able to progress to the next stage of education or employment with these grades?

Yes, this approach will enable you to move onto the next stage of your education or employment and training in the autumn term as planned.

The Department for Education has discussed the plan with UCAS, school and college leaders, who are supportive of the approach.

Looking after your mental wellbeing at home

Currently, everybody in the UK is being asked to stay at home except for certain specific reasons.

We understand this may be a worrying time for many people, so here’s our advice on looking after your mental wellbeing at home.