Keeping in Touch/Online Classes

Good morning everyone.

We have been busy uploading work to the Class Dojo. Every parent/carer should have received an invite to the class via their email. If you are having difficulties logging in please get in touch with Miss Gower

On the ClassDojo pupils can complete their lessons at home. They will need to have a laptop or tablet to access the work. They take a photograph of their work and then upload it to their Portfolio.

Teachers are recording lessons on the Dojo so pupils can see a familiar face. We are also using the Oak Academy Lessons and selecting appropriate lessons to suit the needs of each pupil.

We would like pupils to complete at least one lesson per day. It is important that your child in engaging in some form of academic work during this difficult time. If you are completing your own lessons with your child please upload the work you have done to their portfolio.....we would love to see it.

Stay safe and keep in touch.

Remeber to use the Padlet to let us know how you areĀ