Laptops and Data

We are almost ready to start our live classrooms. Pupils working at home will shortly receive their timetables for their online learning lessons. Some sessions may be live and every pupil will be able to link live into their classrooms during the day. We want to keep our community together and we are looking forward to being able to work virtually together.

If you would like to request free mobile data via the DfE we can put an application for you from school.

Please email me on:

With the following information:

*. Name
*. Telephone number
*. Network

You can link your mobile data to a laptop or tablet to ensure your child can access their lessons.

Our laptop order has been processed and we are just waiting for an update on their delivery date.

If you have not requested a laptop and your child needs on to access their lessons please include this request in your email.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.