Mrs Ryes Blog – Wellbeing at Home

Hello there from the half way point (almost) of this second national lockdown! I am a big believer in the home-school link. The more we talk, the better we can support your children and help them to reach their potential.

This time last year I had all sorts of wonderful plans to organise coffee mornings and meet-ups between parents and staff in school. I had visions of us sitting around, eating cake and talking about your wonderful children and how we can all help them to reach their goals. Then Covid-19 came along and ruined it all. I have spent the last few weeks wondering how we can keep in touch with one another and keep strong together. This blog, which I will be writing every few weeks, is one way that I hope we can do this. 

As we come to the end of the second week of the second half term, the mood in school is generally business as usual and very positive. Lessons are carrying on as normal and we are enjoying each other’s company…at a distance. 

But we are all aware that at home things may not be easy. We cannot see friends and family and there are very limited options for weekend activities too whilst we are in lockdown. 

With this in mind, I have put together a top 10 list of Covid-friendly, lockdown-friendly, activities for you, with and without the children. These are the activities staff members at the Observatory are doing to keep themselves happy and sane, and which we thought you might enjoy too. 

Ms Gardner is taking photographs of the autumn surroundings (especially the lovely sunsets). Trying to improve on how far she walks, runs and exercises.  Trying to cook healthy and economical meals and spending time in her favourite place: the garden. Taking out dead plants, sorting out borders, brushing up leaves, planting bulbs, organising planting for next year, enjoying the autumn colours. 

Ms Scott and Ms Storey are both (separately) curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and watching films on Disney+ (I’m not allowed Disney+, otherwise I would spend all week watching Hamilton and never leave the house)


Ms Carbery is putting up her Christmas tree and to walking around neighbourhoods with Christmas lights (In November, Ms Carbery!?) 

Ms Forbes enjoys walking the dogs on a crisp morning. 

Mr Wood has had an operation, so he has been sitting at home with his foot up and watching all the live football games and golf. It’s a hard life!


Ms Williamson has been very crafty with lots of marvellous (her favourite word) Pinterest craft activities with Autumn leaves.

As for me, I’ve been enjoying Olaf Falafel’s Art Club on Youtube. This was my favourite discovery of the first lockdown and I now have pictures all over my house, done by me and my kids, of the bizarre things he shows you how to draw. My favourite is a sloth on a skateboard encouraging us all to wash our hands. Check it out! 

I’ve also been ‘Baking with Biscoff’ because the best way to get my kids to eat anything is to add Biscoff spread to it. This worked well with cupcakes, less well with shepherds pie!

Anyway, whatever you get up to in your precious spare time, enjoy it! Let us know what you are doing. We love to hear about it.

Take care, Stay safe and keep on being your brilliant selves. 

Mrs Rye and all the staff at The Observatory School.