Pupils celebrate World Music Day with their very own Music Fesitival

To celebrate International Music Day 2019 the school turned into a music festival to rival Glastonbury for the day. Several music acts, festival street food, music workshops and circus performers all took place on the day. It began with Mr.Horner and Pat serving festival street food such as burritos, pizza, hot dogs among other international cuisine.

The first of the performer was Joshua Jonston from Liverpool who played a mix of songs from The Beatles and other Merseyside musicians. In between songs he was having lots of fun and banter with the pupils and had everyone singing along when he finished his set with yellow submarine. Next up Pat served everyone an assortment of ice creams and popcorn while Miss Kelly dazzled everyone with her wacky circus tricks.

It was getting too hot for some of the crowd in the hall so some people opted to enjoy the
sunshine and get a feel for musical instruments at the music workshop Miss Fleischhack and Declan had set up outside letting pupils sample instruments such as guitars, bongos, keyboards and recorders. After Miss Kelly performed it was time for the headline act from Manchester, four piece act, Kingboy. They played a mixture of original songs and covers which had pupils and staff signing along the whole performance. The pupils enjoyed it so much they cheered for an encore and when they played seven nation army the whole school erupted with shouts and cheers. Mrs.Gardner was even spotted banging on the tables and signing along! It was a great day had by all. Events like this are vital for pupils to develop confidence and social skills, it was even the first time a lot of pupils seen a live music performance. The Observatory will continue to rock on and Bidstock will be back
bigger and better next year!

A great big thank you to Mr Horner and Mr McSorley for organising this wonderful event and for encouraging our pupils to go to live music events in the future!