The Umbrella Project

In June 2019, the ADHD Foundation will celebrate their third annual Umbrella Project with four public art installations that will see hundreds of brightly coloured umbrellas suspended above the streets and public spaces. Building on the success of installations in Liverpool and MediaCity, Salford, in 2019 the umbrellas will also be in Dublin and Manchester. All the umbrellas are signed and decorated by neurodiverse children stating their gifts, talents and abilities – their ‘super power’.

The project makes visible what we often do not see because it doesn’t fit with the narrow stereotypes and disabling perceptions of those with cognitive differences. The Umbrella Project has attracted national news coverage over the last two years and 2018 saw
children performing beneath the umbrellas at BBC MediaCity and Liverpool city centre not just for the launch but also as part of BBC Music Day – a partnership which will continue in 2019.

Videos and pictures of the colourful canopy have so far enjoyed over 30 million hits on social media in addition to the extensive media coverage. Watch this short film and listen to what children and sponsors have to say...

An exciting development for the 2019 Umbrella Project is an invitation to every school to have their own Umbrella Project and display umbrellas suspended from the classroom ceilings and educate their classmates, school governors and local community leaders about their ability, talent and achievements.

We are pleased to be involved in this project which is being led by Mr Kobus. We will update you soon when we have received our umbrellas.