This weeks amazing Wall of Fame

Welcome to this weeks Wall of Fame. We have had a wonderful week at The Observatory School this week.

As you can see from the wall our pupils have been busy in their lessons and have completed some excellent pieces of work.

It has been a busy week in Art this week and we have had record numbers participating in Art Club. It is wonderful to see so many of our pupils putting their recreational time to good use. In Art Club pupils get the opportunity to explore their own interests in Art. Many of our pupils love to draw and seeing their own imaginative work is great. It is also a time where they can receive 1:1 support from Miss Gower and work on developing their creative skills.

Pupils have been busy rehearsing for their LIPA performance. They will be performing their play which they have written themselves at Birkenhead Town Hall on 11th December. If you would like to view the performance please get in touch with Mr McSorely. (a poster for the event is at the bottom of this news story)

Each Friday pupils who have earned 3 or more Star of the Day certificates can go on a trip to Awesome Walls in Liverpool.  Awesome Walls is a climbing centre with over 300 hundred routes. It is a good way for pupils to develop their coordination skills as well as work with pupils who are in different classes to them. You can see some of the pictures from this reward on this weeks wall.

Well done to Lexci, Luke, Alastair and Lucas on earning badges this week. A special award goes to Luke in Mandela who's heroic actions after school helped out another pupil in his class. We are all very proud of him and are very thankful for his actions.

To view this weeks wall please use the link below.