Weekly Update 06/11/2020

Welcome back, I hope you all had a good half-term break. Thank you ever so much for the overwhelming support you have shown for our request to wear face coverings during meetings, drop off and pick up times since our return; these certainly are different times and it is our collective responsibility to work together to keep our pupils and staff safe.

This half term has begun with new government regulations coming into place, however, I am sure you are all relieved to see that as a school it is ‘operation go’ with all pupils coming in as normal. We understand that there will be anxieties around being back into lockdown until December, and we are being vigilant in reassuring the pupils that we are working to keep them as safe as possible. Please do get in touch if you have any worries or you feel your child needs further support in relation to this.

If your child has to self isolate they are to complete their lessons via the ClassDojo. Your child will upload the day's lessons to the platform for your child to complete at home. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with the school.


We take attendance and punctuality very seriously. We aim to have an attendance figure in excess of the national average of 96.7%. Attendance data is tracked by the Department for Education and will adversely affect our Ofsted rating if it is below the required level. We categorise levels of attendance into red, amber and green.

GREEN - 100%. Excellent attendance above the national expected average, ideally where
all children should aim to be.
AMBER - 96.7% or above. Good attendance - in line with or above national expected
RED - below 96.7%. Attendance below the expected level. We will monitor the child’s
attendance and if we do not see an improvement we will contact you by letter.

Absence because of Covid related self-isolation will not affect your child’s attendance
A copy of your child’s attendance record is available, on request, from the school office.

School attendance is important because the law requires it. As a parent, you are legally responsible for making sure your child gets a full-time education. This means registering your child at school and making sure they attend regularly.


It has been wonderful to see our pupils working hard in their lessons this week. There are so many excellent examples of their achievements on this weeks wall.  Well done to Year 11 who started their Mock Exams this week. They have their Functional Exams next week and they have all been working hard revising for their first tests.

To view this weeks wall please follow the link below.


We would also like to congratulate Mr Wood who got married during the half-term break.