Welcome Back

It has been a very different start to the beginning of the new academic year, one which has brought about many changes for everyone. I hope that you all had a good summer and feel rested. The pupils and staff have returned to school and made the transition very smoothly. We are looking forward to welcoming the remainder of the pupils this week.

Our main focus through the year will centre on supporting the pupils and staff with their wellbeing. In order for everyone to have a positive year, we must make sure that we are supportive and discuss any concerns and worries openly. There are so many changes that have happened over the past six months that we must continue to follow guide to keep us all safe.

• Updated risk assessments (latest edition Monday 01.09.2020 available on the school website)
• Start and end of the day has a flexible drop off and pick up times
• Classes are working in the individual bases with assigned resources, allocated spaces
(including toilets) and specific staff during work sessions
• Break times are staggered and planned to ensure social distancing between groups.
(a timetable has been drawn up)
• Pupils are encouraged to play outdoors where possible.
• Lunchtimes have changed. Pupils eat their packed lunches in their base with one allocated day for hot lunches in the hall. There is a continuous menu so all pupils have the same lunch each day.
• Cleaning is continuous throughout the day.
• Sanitiser and anti-bacterial soap for each bubble and additional spaces where required
• Parents, pupils and staff are required sanitise before coming into the school office.
• Parents must book appointments if they wish to come into school.
• Pupils are to bring in their PE kits as usual for PE.
• Afterschool clubs have been cancelled for the time being.
• Assemblies in the hall have been cancelled and a weekly assembly will be held via Zoom every Friday.

Please remember we are practising social distancing in school. Please remember to continue this at drop off and pick up times.

Finally, we are so pleased to be back. We would like to thank our staff and school governors for their hard work and support during this time and also to our parents and carers. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school and we will help where we can.