Did you know that over 600 million batteries are thrown away each year. That means that over 20,000 tonnes of batteries end up in landfill sites where they take over a hundred years to decompose. This is outrageous! The chemicals in the batteries can pollute the soil and water, harming poor innocent animals and endangering our lives too. Do we really want that?
But it doesn’t have to be this way! We can all do our bit to help our planet by going on a Big Battery Hunt to find all of our used batteries and send them to our local recycling point – we have one in school. We can also return them to our local supermarket when we do the shopping. It’s so easy!
We hope you will agree that it is so important and so easy to recycle our used batteries. Let’s all go on a Big Battery Hunt to collect and recycle as many batteries as we can find!
Thank you
Mrs Williamson