Broadening Horizons

We want all our students to flourish in their future lives. At the Observatory, we
ensure students are exposed to a wide range of experiences that will develop their
knowledge and understanding of the world. We recognise that students have
different starting points so we try to layer experiences for them that will build
gradually over time.


Broadening Horizons at The Observatory School Includes:
  • An engaging curriculum that strives to plant seeds of curiosity for future learning
  • Experiences and texts to illustrate and celebrate cultural diversity
  • A focus on making good food choices and exploring different foods in our own canteen with bespoke menu – developing a love of food
  • Exposure to high quality texts in our rich library for each child. Books are everywhere in school to promote a love of reading
  • Visits to Liverpool Walker Art Gallery and Liverpool World Museum
  • A wide range of sporting opportunities/clubs for all pupils
  • Theatre visits and visitors from drama groups
  • Extra-curricular clubs to promote science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM)
  • Wide range of trips planned for all year groups
  • Social groups – early interventions to develop social skills
  • National and International Awareness Days discussed in weekly assemblies
  • Fundraising opportunities throughout the year
  • Swimming sessions in Year 6 and 7
  • Support for local and national charities
  • Links and partnerships with international schools
  • Links and Ambassador for the British Council
  • This list is not exhaustive as there are many unplanned moments in school that add to the cultural capital of individual children.