Key Stage 2 Curriculum

We currently have key stage 2 classes.

Daley – Mr Smith/Miss Parkin and Miss Carruthers

Key stage 2 currently offers an ADHD and ASC friendly approach and environment which uses visual resources such as regulation charts to allow the pupils to settle in and take ownership of their space and learning. This provision is designed to cater for a range of complex needs and support pupils in developing the skills and confidence as they transition into secondary education. This is supported with a social, emotional and personal development programme, alongside identifying any academic gaps with an individualised planning and assessment model.

The taught primary based model means the children spend the majority of their time in class with their key adults. This allows children to build secure relationships with both their staff and peers, allowing them to develop and strengthen a range of skills to support their social and emotional well-being. Pupils do, however, move around the main school for some lessons, such as P.E and cooking, where they are able to work for short periods with other members of staff and access specialist rooms and equipment.