Daily Exercise

It’s already a commonly held belief that short bursts of exercise can make all the difference for a child’s concentration and academic performance throughout the school day. This is particularly true for SEN children, who are undergoing a critical time for the development of their minds and bodies.

Research indicates that inactive children are likely to become inactive adults, putting young people at risk of developing life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and cancer. This is why it’s important to encourage exercise and keeping fit from a young age.

We take sport and fitness very seriously at The Observatory School and we have regular opportunities for our pupils to take part in daily exercise activities.

We have:

  • Break time activities such as football and basketball
  • Lunchtime football
  • Social sporting activities

Daily exercise can:

  • support mental wellbeing
  • improve concentration
  • boost attainment
  • increase staff morale and wellbeing
  • lower obesity rate
  • contribute to PE premium activity targets