Parent Group

The Observatory School Parent & Carer Group’ was set up by parents, carers and the Pastoral Team for parents and carers of pupils attending The Observatory School. We welcome ALL parents and carers of pupils currently attending the school and strive to provide a positive link between the school, its pupils and their families by welcoming positive engagement and collaboration.

The purpose of the group is to help support pupils, staff and parents at the school. It acts as a springboard to share any great ideas parents/carers may have, to pass on any information you may think might be useful for other parents/carers, to promote events that school or The Observatory School Carer Group may plan in the future, and to support each other in the smooth running of the school community.

If you would like more information about the group or about how you can become involved please contact Mrs Baird on the number below. 

0151 652 7093