At The Observatory School our rewards system celebrates the achievements and successes of our students inside and outside the classroom. Our students are presented with opportunities to be recognised and praised for their achievements, progress, behaviour and attendance, as well as their individual and team contributions to the school.


Star of the Day

Pupils can earn gold, silver or bronze Star of the Day certificates, which also build up points to earn a weekly reward.

The Top 10

Pupils earn points which are entered into Sleuth. Each week we publish the Top 10 list in each phase. Pupils can earn a place on our half termly reward trips if they make it into the final Top 10 list.

Behaviour Raffle

We have a weekly Behaviour Raffle. Pupils earn tickets for positive choices they make in school. This is completed with pupils in their form classes. 

Celebration Assembly - Wall of Fame

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly which celebrates successes from that week. Pupils also earn a place on the Wheel of Names, where they can win prizes if their name is selected.

Badges/Curriculum Stars

Pupils can earn curriculum stars in everylesson. A star is given for over and above work. When a pupils has earned 20 stars they get an enamel badge. They can also earn enamel badges for gaining headteacher awards.