The School Council held their 3rd official meeting of the school year today.

Our schools council plays an important role in making changes and it provides the opportunity for pupils to express their suggestions and feedback of our school. The Observatory School has a very successful council that really values pupils which has led to many suggestions becoming a regular part of the school day/community. Our council consists of several pupils from each year council. Every class has two representatives to ensure that their classes views are discussed during the meetings.

Over the last 2 weeks the council members have been asking their classes how they can become more environmentally friendly. Miss Gower went around each class to ask for their findings. There were many very good examples given including having recycling bins in class, switching off lights when you leave a room, turning off the heating when you are not in a room among other fantastic ideas. They are now tasked with actioning the points raised with their classes.

Some of the group had a litter pick around our site. They collected 5 bin bags of rubbish and are keen to implement regular litter picks as well as focusing on future action to make the school a ‘greener’ site. The group also plan to come up with a long term plan, working towards the Silver Eco Award. They want to ensure that everyone in the school is involved.

The council also spoke about their upcoming visit from a homeless charity. Everyone agreed that it is an issue they would like to know more about and they would like to see how we as a school can help. We will keep you updated on this. Kyle in year 11 has already come up with some ideas of how to raise money, including a sponsored bike ride.

With it being Anti-Bullying week we all agreed it would be good to gather ideas and views on how the school manages bullying. The council have their books to gather ideas from their groups and we will discuss this in our next meeting in 2 weeks time.

Miss Gower was very impressed with everybodies conduct and behaviour during the meeting.