School Council

Our School Council aims to encourage our pupils to:

  • Develop confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities
  • Prepare them to play an active role as citizens
  • Develop healthy, safer lifestyles
  • Develop good relationships and respect the differences between people
  • To have a “voice” and to share their opinions and ideas with others


We value the benefits of operating a School Council. The School Council represents the whole school.  We feel they benefit the whole community and as a school we operate as a community. Through our School Council and class council work it is hoped that we can develop a balance and wholeness, helping to make our community more harmonious to live in. Our School Council work will enable pupils with positive attitudes to exert a positive influence.   Everyone will benefit from the work of the School Council.


Our School Council aims to ensure our pupils have:

  • A safe, happy and fair learning environment
  • A forum to voice their concerns and act upon them
  • A structured opportunity to learn problem-solving skills
  • An opportunity to take an active role in the organisation of the school
  • An opportunity to experience a democratic process

Our School Council should encourage pupils to develop:

  • A sense of ownership over policy and practice
  • A consensus over school issues such as behaviour
  • A responsibility towards the school community and environment

Our School Council should give pupils the experience of:

  • Planning, organising and monitoring small projects
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Debating skills
  • Mediation and negotiating skills
  • Basic budgeting and managing money

Our School Council aims to prepare our pupils for citizenship by teaching them about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school system.


Class elections will be held every year so that different representatives can put forward their election speeches as well as developing the full potential of the School Council to complete tasks.  Two candidates will be elected from each class.

Running the School Council Meetings:

The School Council will vote for a chair. This is the person who makes sure everyone gets a turn to speak and encourages all members to contribute. In addition the School Council will ensure someone takes notes during the meeting and the notes should assist the feedback classes receive after the meeting.

At the end of the School Council’s meeting, everyone needs to know what they have to do next. The chair needs to make sure members know what to do and what they have to say to their class.

Giving Feedback to Pupils:

Following the School Council Meeting, School Council Members speak to their class to let them know what is going on and tell the class about the issues being discussed and what is happening next.  This will encourage more children to contribute to further meetings, share worries and let members know the things which could be done to improve the school.  The school will record School Council Achievements on the school newsletter as and when appropriate.


Our School Council Members

Please see our student profiles below. Each member was voted in by their form group. 




Class Representative - Daley

Hi, I am Ethan and I am in year 5 and I like golf. I like being on the School Council because I want to make sure everyone is happy in school.


Deputy Representative - Daley

Hello my name is Freddy. I like football and mountain biking. I have a twin brother. I like to be on the school council as you get the chance to help other people.


Class Representative - Darwin

Hi my name is Connor. I am in year 6. I love playing football and riding my bike when I’m at home. I am proud to be a part of the school council because I have the chance to help people enjoy school that bit more.


Class Representative - Parks - Year 7

My name is James and I’m in year 7. My hobbies are looking after the environment and I love making people happy. I like being in the school council because I love talking about making the school better.


Deputy Representative - Parks - Year 7

Hi, I’m Fin and I’m in year 7, Miss Herbison’s class. I like playing games inside and outside and I like climbing. I like being in school council.


Class Representative - Newton - Year 7

Hi my name is Jayden and I am in year 7. I enjoy the school council meetings because I like having a say on what happens in school. 


Deputy Representative - Newton - Year 7

My name is Bobby and I am on the school council. I enjoy being a member of the council.


Deputy Representative - Curie - Year 8

My name is Jess and I am 13 years old.

I like colouring, watching TV and playing games on my phone. My favourite subject in school is Maths I would like people to stop throwing rubbish on the floor in schools


Class Representative - Anderson - Year 9

Hi, my name is Shaye. I wanted to be on the school council so I could help with class issues and suggest ideas to improve the school. I will try my very best to listen and present ideas. 


Class Representative - Castner - Year 8

Hello I am Arran. I am the school council represenative for my class. I take an active part in meetings and I like to give my point of view.


Class Representative - Turing - Year 9

Hello I am Jack and I am in year 9. I take my role as representative very seriously and I enjoy gathering the thoughts of my class members to present at the meetings.  


Deputy Representative - Anderson - Year 9

Hi, my name is Grace and I’m in year 9. I like pugs, playing Fortnite with my friends and I love my teachers Miss Davies and Miss Forbes. I want to be on the school council because I want to help the school and other students. 


Deputy Representative - Storey - Year 10

I have joined the school council because I would like to be involved in developing the school. . I have been at The Observatory School since year 7 and I am now in year 10. I have been lucky enough to have been on school trips abroad when we were part of Erasmus.