Every Wednesday and Friday we have a dedicated lesson to social time.  It is a time that pupils can join clubs outside of their classroom. We have many clubs available which have been designed to improve social skills and group activities. 

Our social activities are:

  • Whole school football
  • Drama club
  • Art club
  • STEM club
  • Weightlifting
  • Chess club
  • Games club
  • Table Tennis club
  • Film club

The aim of ‘Socials’ is to:

  • Increased friendships and friendship groups
  • Promoting peer social acceptance 
  • Creating feelings of happiness for the participants 
  • Getting interested in a hobby
  • Engagement in sports and exercise
  • Engagement in teamwork, cooperation and collaboration
  • Increasing feeling of safety whilst at school 
  • Decreasing loneliness 
  • Learning social cues and opportunity to practice social skills