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Mr Chiswell

Mr Chiswell

Headteacher - DSL

Hi, I am Mr Chiswell, Headteacher of the school. As Headteacher I work hard to ensure that the school is a transformational place for children to be. Outside of school, I am a husband and father. In my spare time I am a sailor, and I sail and race offshore.

Miss Gower (McGlynn)

Miss Gower (McGlynn)

Deputy Headteacher/Upper School Art Teacher

I joined The Observatory School in 2007. During my time here I have gained both my NPQML and NPQSL and I am currently the Deputy Headteacher. I also teach Key Stage 4 art and I love being in the classroom. I have recently got married and I have a Bulldog called Boycie!

Miss O'Sullivan

Miss O'Sullivan

Assistant Headteacher/SENCo

 I work as Assistant Head Teacher and SENDCo, overseeing the strategic development of the SEND provision at school, and I work closely with the teachers and teaching assistants to make sure every child’s needs are met. I aim to ensure our provision is responsive to each young person’s individual circumstance, removing their barriers to learning and ensuring success. 

Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly

Intervention Lead

Hello, I teach the intervention class for KS3 and I work across the school supporting interventions. As well as my love for teaching, I love my daughter (I talk about her a lot), our dog, circus skills, music and sailing! I can solve a Rubix cube in under two minutes, this time has recently been beaten by 2 pupils in the school.

Mrs Baird

Mrs Baird

Pastoral Manager - DSL

I have worked at The Observatory School for 9 years. I love my job as I get to meet new parents, pupils and professionals. I love talking to people and helping them if I can. I love my pets, Barney the Pug and Charlie the cat. Barney loves to visit school and meet you all. My hobbies are walking, reading and going to the Cinema/theatre

Mrs Gardner

Mrs Gardner

APA to the Headteacher

Miss Williamson

School Administrator

I am the Receptionist & schools administrator.

I will be the first point of contact for many of you, either in person or on the phone, Feel free to ask me anything regarding the school, or your child’s needs and I will be happy to help.


Pastoral Assistant





Mr Bhalsod

Maths Teacher

Hi everyone I am the upper school maths teacher and I have been the elected staff governor for the past 3 years. Away from school I am passionate about motor sports, cycling, football (Leicester City) and my house plants. I have worked here at The Observatory for 8 years 

Mrs Rye

 English Teacher

In addition to being an English teacher, I also take the lead on equality and diversity in the school and run a very fun drama club. In my spare time I love reading, hill walking and listening to music. I am coming to the end of training to be a psychotherapeutic counsellor and I have two children and a fabulous cat called Loki.

Mr Meenan

Computing Teacher

I am Storey’s form teacher and I also run weightlifting club.

Outside of school I like to keep myself fit by going to the gym and being active.  I love the outdoors and like to try new activities and challenges. 

Mr Dickson

Science Teacher

I love teaching science across key stage 3 and 4 in the school. I also really enjoy hosting STEM club, which is very popular with many exciting, upcoming projects. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, cooking, hiking, playing guitar and hanging out with my wife and whippet.

Mr Wood

PE Teacher

Hi my name is Mr Wood. I teach PE here at The Observatory School. I teach across the whole school and I complete morning sports with all groups each morning.

In my spare time I enjoy playing golf and gardening with my wife. 

Miss Herbison

Lower School Phase Leader and Year 7 Sensory Teacher

I am a teacher in the Year 7 Sensory class. My favourite subject to teach is maths. I enjoy going on long walks with my little cockapoo Milo and taking him to training classes. My guilty pleasure is watching Harry Potter movies on repeat!

Miss Scott

Year 7 Teacher

I am the year 7 social pathway teacher and my favourite subject to teach is history. I am originally from the North East of England but moved to the local area in 2018. Outside of school, I enjoy taking my dog Morgan for long walks. One of my favourite things in life is Disney and it is my ambition to visit each Disney theme park in the world. 

Miss O'Hare

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Hello my name is Miss O’Hare. I am a key stage 2 teacher in the nurture base. I teach across the curriculum in key stage 2.

Miss Storey

Key Stage 2 Teacher

My name is Miss Storey and I am one of the Nurture teachers at The Observatory School. Some of my favourite hobbies are baking, running, swimming and watching films. I love animals and we have a class hamster called Dio. 

Mr McConnell

Key Stage 2 Teacher

I work in KS2. I am from Ireland but have lived in England for the last 3 years. One of my big hobbies is football and I support the best team in the world (Tottenham
Hotspurs). I am also a very keen runner and my goal currently is to run a marathon.

Miss Davies

Year 9 Sensory Teacher

Hi everyone! My favourite subject to teach is Geography, especially volcanoes. Outside of school, I love spending time with my dogs and taking care of my houseplants. I also love Taylor Swift and probably talk about her a bit too much!.

Mrs Quatermass

Upper School Phase leader and teacher

I teach the Year 9 nurture base class and am the Phase Leader for Upper School (Y9-11). My specialist interest is literacy. When I’m not in school, I am usually walking my dogs or meditating.

Mr Freeman

Year 8 Sensory Teacher

Outside of school I like to keep myself fit by going to the gym and being active. I love the outdoors and like to try new activities and challenges. My favourite subject to teach is PE and I enjoy tennis.

Miss Conway

Year 8 Social Teacher

I started working at The Observatory School this year as Castner’s teacher. I am passionate about literature and I am looking forward to the year ahead. 

Miss Jackson

Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Teacher

My name is Miss Jackson and I am the teacher in Woodman class, I love animals: I have a dog and a horse. In my spare time I play rugby for my local team and I support Everton! 



Mrs Dowd

Learning Mentor, Personalised School Programme Coordinator(PSP) and Educational Visits Coordinator.

Along with ongoing training I have a degree in Learning, Development and Support.  It is a joy and honor to work with our young people and to be part of a great team in The Observatory School family. 


Mr Whitburn (James)

Learning Mentor

Hello, my name is Rob. However, you will know me as Mr James. I have worked at our school for 3 years. You will see me walking around a lot and you will have the opportunity to chat with me in break and lunch games clubs. I also play a lot of football and I am looking forward to seeing who is going to be our next school superstar.

Miss Mainwaring

Teaching Assistant

I am a year 7 TA in Newton. I have worked across the lower school throughout my time here. I am a mother of two lovely boys and I love to exercise outside of school.

Mr Garland

Teaching Assistant

Hello! I joined the Observatory School in 2017. I have worked with different year groups, I now work with Castner who are year 8. I keep fit by playing basketball and to be creative I write poetry. .

Mrs Forbes

Teaching Assistant

Hi everyone. I am a teaching assistant in Anderson who are a year 9 class. I am originally from South Africa but now live here. I enjoy spending time with my family, dogs and listening to music. I love travelling and trying new things.

Mrs Riley

Teaching Assistant

I am a TA in Curie (year 8 sensory). I enjoy volunteering in the community. I have 2 boys with additional needs and I enjoy going for walks with my two dogs Sandy and Patch. 

Miss Ross

Teaching Assistant

Hi I am Ms Ross and I am the TA for Storey Year 10. I have worked at the Observatory School for 3 years and I am in the year 10 class Storey. I have two grown up sons, 3 cats and a dog called Mabel. I enjoy walking Mabel and reading in my spare time.


Mrs Marsland

Teaching Assistant


I am the teaching assistant for Carson who are year 11.  Away from school I enjoy spending time with my grandson who is 4. I also love football and support Liverpool FC.

Miss Fisher

Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Fisher, I work in Woodman class. My favourite things are: boxing, MMA, anime, animals and I also play the guitar! 


Mrs Blackburn

Teaching Assistant

I’m currently a year 10 TA with a class called Hamilton. I like art, doing jigsaws and diamond art.  I have 3 children and 5 cats!


Miss Carruthers

Teaching Assistant

I have worked here for 4 years and I am the TA in the KS2 sensory class, Daley. The most important thing to remember about me is I adore Disney so remember, “like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.”

Mrs Harold

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Harold and I am a teaching assistant that works with pupils off school site. My favourite hobby is to play golf at the weekends..

Mrs Lockwood

Teaching Assistant

I joined The Observatory school in 2020 as the TA for the interventions classroom. During this time I have enjoyed getting to know each pupil and supporting them to develop in their learning. I enjoy outdoor activities and traveling with my family.

Mr Paradysz

Teaching Assistant

Hello! The pupils call me Mr Paradise. I’m a master of Clinical Psychology and an aspiring Educational Psychologist. Outside of school and my professional life l enjoy carpentry and outdoor sport, especially basketball

Mrs Nikolaska

Teaching Assistant

Hello my name is Mrs Nikolaska. I stared working at The Observatory School in September as a TA. I was previously a 1:1 with a pupil in year 9. 




Teaching Assistant


Mrs Nolan

Kitchen Manager

Hello my name is Pat and I cook the pupils school dinners. I have worked at The Observatory School since it opened. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and walking my dog, Poppy. 

Mrs Taylor

Kitchen Assistant


Mr Norman

Site Manager

Hello my name is Mr Norman and I am the Site Manager. I take care of the school and make sure that everything is working properly. 

Mrs Kenwright

Cleaning Staff

Hello I am Mrs Kenwood and I help to keep the school clean and tidy. I have worked at The Observatory School since it opened in 2007.

Miss Stephenson

Cleaning Staff

Hello! I am Miss Stephenson. I work very hard to keep the school looking clean and tidy. 

Miss Casey

Cleaning Staff

Hello my name is Miss Casey and I help keep the technology block looking clean and tidy.