This Terms Value – Responsibility

Each half term we have a targeted value. Values are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions. They help us to determine what is important to us. Values describe the personal qualities we choose to embody to guide our actions; the sort of person we want to be; the manner in which we treat ourselves and others, and our interaction with the world around us. They provide the general guidelines for conduct.

This half terms value is ‘responsibility’. What is responsibility? We have a few different ways that we talk about responsibility. There’s being responsible, taking responsibility, acting responsibly, and having responsibilities. In simple words, responsibility is about doing the things we are supposed to do, and accepting the positive or negative outcomes of our actions.

Responsibility means you do the things you are supposed to do and accept the results of your actions.

  • A responsibility: something you are expected to do
  • Being responsible: doing the things you are supposed to do
  • Accepting responsibility: taking the praise or the blame for something you have done