Weekly Celebrations

Excitement filled the air at The Observatory School this Friday as pupils gathered in their classrooms for their weekly assembly. Instead of just the usual announcements and reminders, this assembly was special—it was a time to celebrate each other’s hard work and achievements.

The assembly kicked off with a round of applause for pupils who had shown kindness and helpfulness to their classmates. Each pupil who was recognised received a special sticker to wear proudly for the rest of the day.

Next, it was time to celebrate academic achievements. Pupils who had improved their grades, completed challenging assignments, or shown dedication to their studies were priased.

As the assembly drew to a close, Mrs McGlynn took a moment to address the pupils directly. “Remember, each and every one of you has something special to offer,” she said “Whether it’s academic success, acts of kindness, or talents that make you unique, we’re all part of the Observatory family, and we celebrate each other’s successes together.”.

You can view the posts from he assembly below.