Weekly Round Up 14/10/2022

As we approach our final week of the Autumn half term it a pleasure to present you with our weekly round up.

Thank you parents and carers who have arranged to meet with teachers to discuss your children’s progress. It is so important that we are working together to get the best personal, social, and academic outcomes for our pupils.

Well done to Daley who have been busy clearing litter from our school grounds. It was wonderful to see the photographs on the Wall of Fame and to see the dedication of our pupils whilst litter picking. We are working on our Silver Award for our Eco School badge and looking after the school environment is one of our targets. 

Well done to all of the pupils who earned Star of the Week. Earning this shows that they have worked very hard during the week and have gone ‘over and above’ in their lessons. 

Well done to James and JonPaul who have earned subject badges this week! They have demonstrated commitment to their subjects and earning a subject badge is a great achievement. 

Our school uniform is very important to us and we take pride in it. Please ensure your child comes to school in their uniform everyday. If you are struggling with uniform please get in touch with our pastoral team. 

Please take a look at this weeks wall by viewing the attached PDF. 

Online Safety Update

Occurring through messaging apps, on social media and in online games, group chats are among the most popular ways that young people engage with their peers online. Involving, by definition, three or more individuals, these groups allow users to send messages, images and videos to everyone in one place. While they are useful for helping friends, people with shared interests or members of a club to communicate and coordinate activities, they can also leave young people feeling excluded and bullied – as well as providing opportunities for inappropriate content to be shared and viewed. 

Please monitor your childs use of group chats and if you suspect cyberbullying or have any other concerns, please contact our pastoral team and they may be able to offer some advice and support.