Welcome back to the second half term of the year. I would first like to thank you for all of your support over the last half term and in anticipation for this next one.

Our second School Council meeting took part on Friday 5th November and it was a great success. The council members were introduced to the structure of meetings and were given roles to do within the council. Mr Wood introduced the council to the Moki scheme whcih we will be shortly introducing to the whole school. Moki is an activity tracking wristband and software application that provides a safe, simple and fun way for schools to engage students in an active curriculum. We will update you more on this shortly. 

Pupils worked hard all week to earn their positive raffle tickets. We held the draw on Friday – with the help of Paige and Ruby from year 7. Leon in year 10 won the main prize. Miss Gower was amazed to see so many tickets, each representing a positive action from the pupils. 

The Celebration Assembly was a great success as always. You can view the Wall of Fame using the link below. 


Well done to all pupils who achieved a place on the Wall of Fame and to Arran who won the top prize on the Wheel of Names.

Thank you to Mrs Williamson who has completed our weekly update which you can view using the link below.

05112021 Weekly NewsLetter 2021