Weekly Update 15/07/2022

Sorry for the delay with this weeks update. We have been busy planning for the heatwave and putting in place everything to keep everyone safe. We have made many adjustments around school including relaxing the uniform code to allow pupils to wear shorts and t-shirts, limiting outdoor time and increased water on offer around the school. Yesterday our thermometer reached 34 degrees! All of the pupils were very sensible in the heat and followed the rules well.

School Reports

You will receive your child’s end of year report on Thursday. We send the reports via email. If you would like a paper copy please get in touch with Mrs Williamson in the office.

All pupils have now been allocated their new classes. They are having a transition day in school today to prepare them for September. If you would like more information about your child’s new class, please contact the school.


If you have any items of uniform to donate please get in touch with our pastoral team. We have a uniform swapping station where pupils can swap/have items of uniform.

Awards Assemblies

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be holding our Awards Assemblies. It is wonderful to be able to present them again, following 2 years of disruption. I have compiled a video of all the amazing things that have happened this year. It has been lovely to see so many great activities and so many happy faces!

You can view last weeks Wall of fame using the PDF link to the right of this update.