Weekly Update 24/03/2022

Its hard to believe that March is nearly over and next week it will be the Easter Holidays. You will soon be sent your childs Spring Term Report to update you on their progress from this term. Year 5 to 9 will notice a big change in the way we are reporting. This will be the first term where we will use BSquared progress. This is our new way of recording and reporting progress, we will share a guide sheet to support undertanding of the new system. 

Neo Food Delivery

Error: 404We have had another Neo food delivery this week, consisting of tinned and dried goods. There is plenty available so please send your child in with a bag or two if you would like them to bring some home. 

Founded in 2013, NEO quickly became recognised as key providers of food assistance and support throughout the local community and has grown in size, success and delivery through the sheer determination and passion of the entire NEO team.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief Fundraising - Casa Environmental Services 
Well doe to all of the pupils and staff who took part in Crazy Hair Day! We raised £75 for Comic Relief and it was a good event to make the pupils aware of what they charity do. 

“Comic Relief is delighted to announce that the money raised so far for Red Nose Day 2023 is £35,310,407, thanks to the amazing British public and the charity’s wonderful partners who have gone above and beyond to support people facing the toughest times in their lives.”

First Tech Challenge
FIRST Tech Challenge - Wikipedia

Our Robotics Team have been busy preparing for their first competition of the year. On Tuesday 28th March the whole team will be heading to the Midlands for the qualifying competition. Here is a reminder of how they did at their last challenge https://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/20205495.observatory-school-wins-first-tech-challenge/




Well done to all of the pupils who have been working hard this week and who have earned a place on the Wall of Fame. You can view the past 2 weeks walls below.