Thank you to all of you for your support this week as we are still managing our way through outbreak procedures. This week as you know we have had the most staff and pupil isolation than throughout the whole pandemic! This is very much the picture across schools locally and nationally as cases in primary and secondary aged children still continue to rise and not surprisingly it then affects school staff too. Fortunately, our staff and children have been ok if they have caught Covid and the reduction in the isolation period is helping us get our staff and pupils back in to school when they are able to.

We have managed to prioritise teaching and learning, with all staff showing great flexibility and teamwork to cover and so we have minimised the impact on the pupils and lessons have all been able to continue as normal as has our full curriculum offer. I even covered some lessons this week myself, so it has been all hands on deck, but we did it.

Please be assured that we continue to follow all the latest Government and local public health guidance and we thank you as parents for doing the same.

Teaching and Learning – It has been great to see how much progress the pupils are making across the school this week despite all of the changes that have had to be put in place. In Carson, our year 11 class they have been completing their mock exams. They have taken them very seriously and strived to do their best. We are all very proud of them and the mature attitude they have taken.

There has been some great examples of learning in Anderson (year 9) this week, Alex even taught a maths lesson, which I am told was very professional. Castner (year 8) have demonstrated a great commitment to English this week, with a new text being introduced to the group. There have been some delicious recipes being cooked up in food technology this week by Storey. They made chicken fried rice and Mr Meenan confirmed it tasted as good as it smelt.

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