CEIAG and Boomerang

  • The careers programme will be reviewed in July of every academic year and, if required, revised.
  • We are always interested in developing partnerships and engagement with all stakeholders. If teachers, parents, students, employers or providers and local organisations want further information or would like to contribute to the programme, please get in touch directly with the school’s careers coordinator using the contact details listed below.
  • Feedback is also gathered from employers and other organisations to assess the success of an experience. This ensures we can tailor our careers programme to provide the best experience for both students and partners.
  • We have external providers Careers Connect who visit the school weekly to work with our pupils. 
Y7 – Discover and Explore
  • To be aware of the jobs that exist now, in the future and in my local area.
  • To be aware of a range of education and employment pathways.
  • To be aware of LORIC Skills and how they link to my personal development .
Y8 – Learn and Practise
  • To understand how subjects, skills, volunteering and extra- curricular activities link to the world of work.
  • To be able to identify my own skills and preferences and how these relate to different types of work.
Y9 – Aim and Plan
  • To be able to identify my interests, strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal development plan.
  • To be able to recognise and challenge stereotypes and barriers.
Y10 – Experience and Reflect
  • To develop a variety of employability skills and be able to put them into practice.
  • To develop skills needed to transition successfully and independently.
Y11 – Decide and Achieve
  • To identify aspirational and realistic routes into further education and employment.
  • To understand how my achievements, experience and circumstances affect my plans
  • To provide opportunities for alumni to engage with all students and provide realistic FE and careers insights and inspirational advice and motivation.
  • To engage ex-students by providing networking opportunities and continued access to careers information.

The aim of the Boomerang Program is to keep former students and staff in touch with each other and the school.

The Observatory School keep in touch with former pupils in several ways. We hold an Annual Awards Ceromony in school, usually near the start of the autumn term, when we offer the opportunity to meet up with old friends and look round the school, recall memories from their time here and see the changes that have occurred since then. The pupils also receive their certificates for their achievements from the summer term. 

We also have a dedicated phone number for former pupils to contact for if they need any support once they leave school. Our Pastoral team are on hand to offer support to pupils whenever they need guidance or support. This may be support with college to filling out application forms for job applications.

Click on the photos below to find out more about some of our former students, what they are doing now, and their advice to our current students.