Daily Reflection

Following a pupil voice survey, our collective worship was renamed by the children as ‘Reflection’ with each daily reflection being a ‘Time to’ (e.g. Time to think, time to be, time to act etc)

Our reflections are an opportunity to praise, celebrate, reflect and wonder about our school vision and how it can enrich our daily lives. We underpin them with our vision of ‘working together to reach our full potential’.

We are an inclusive school and so our reflections are also mindful and respectful of different faiths. Our reflection times are there to present all our pupils with a firm foundation for a strong moral code based on values for their life now and in the future, whatever beliefs they may choose to have. They serve as a vehicle for them to reflect, discuss, question and evaluate how they can become the best version of themselves and let their light shine on others for the collective good.

We aim to make the reflections current and relevant to the world the children live in now and reflect national and global issues. Our Personal Faculty leads help senior leaders to plan, deliver and review our reflections to ensure that they have relevance and connect with their peers, so that reflections are invitational and inspire them.

Our Reflections follow a weekly format of:

  • Monday- Assembly/in class celebration of the Top 10 – terms values
  • Tuesday- Assembly/in class celebration of the Top 10 – terms values
  • Wednesday- Assembly/in class Global awareness
  • Thursday- Assembly/in class Global awareness
  • Friday- Our whole school celebration assembly via Zoom – Celebrating pupils successes.