Tracking and Reporting Progress

By regularly monitoring pupil performance through rigorous tracking and monitoring we are able to keep you informed about your child’s progress.


We believe there are two main purposes for tracking and reporting;

Firstly, to provide clear, positive and constructive feedback about children’s and young people’s learning and progress, looking back on what has been achieved against standards and expectations and secondly, to create an agenda for discussions between learners and those teaching and supporting them about their next steps in learning.

Our emphasis is on progress. We are dedicated to ensuring all children to make at least expected progress from their individual starting point to the end of each Key Stage.


In key stage 2 pupils are tracked using tracking grids which monitor progress in each area of the curriculum.

In key stage 3 and 4 pupils are tracked against their flight path. Their flight path prediction is based on teacher assessment, external data and baseline assessments. (see reporting progress for more information)


Marking and Feedback

Our Marking and Feedback Policy aims to help students to reach or exceed their full academic potential. There must be a uniform approach to feedback across the school. Feedback should ensure students are fully aware of What Went Well, and how their work could be Even Better If. (2 ticks and a target).

We have a number of initiatives to ensure that marking and feedback is understood by all students.

  • Purple Pen Feedback
  • Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time
  • Consistent whole school marking for literacy
  • Regular marking scrutinies are carried out by phase leaders and senior leadership team to ensure consistent application of these initiatives, and to evaluate their impact, making any necessary adjustments to ensure maximum impact upon students’ progress.

Progress Day

We arrange 2 progress days per year where parents and carers have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with their teacher or other relevant members of staff. These meetings may be virtual (via Microsoft Teams or by telephone) or face to face.

We usually notify you  of these arranged dates by ClassDojo and ParenAPP.  

Here parents/carers get the opportunity to talk to their childs teachers about their progress and school life. Parents and carers can look through their child’s books and meet with subject specialist teachers.