Daley’s Visit to Our Place in Space

Here comes the Sun… and an EPIC scale model of our solar system! We’re zooming to the historic city of Liverpool this autumn so you can jog to Jupiter, swing by Saturn and dance around the Sun — all without ever leaving Earth.”

What a way to start the week! Daley visited Liverpools ‘Our Place in Space’ trail this evening.

The colourful pictures to the right show the start of the trail on Church Street, with giant installations of the sun and planet Earth. The huge trail travels all the way from the city centre, down along the riverside and finishes in Otterspool.

Designed by artist Oliver Jeffers, astrophysicist Professor Stephen Smartt, and a creative team led by Nerve Centre, the trail lets you explore the solar system on foot or by bike. Along the trail, there are colourful arches, which are lit up with the names of each planet.