Summer Term Celebrations

In a jubilant display of school spirit and academic achievement, pupils at both of the Observatory sites ushered in the new summer term with their first celebration assembly. The weekly event is held on Zoom so that both sites can join together to celebrate everyones successes. 

Beyond academics, the assembly also celebrated the accomplishments of pupils in various extracurricular activities. Pupild showcased their talents and their experiences were shared with their peers. The school community united in applause, acknowledging the dedication and passion displayed by these young achievers. Our Summer Term Value of Responsibily was also introduced and Mrs McGlynn set each pupil a challenge during their reflection time at the end. 

As the assembly drew to a close, anticipation filled the air for the adventures and opportunities that lie ahead in the summer term.  The first celebration assembly of the summer term set the stage for a season of growth, learning, and collective achievement at The Observatory School