Fun at the Panto

A Magical Day of Laughter, Joy, and Holiday Spirit for pupils

In a burst of festive cheer, some pupils were treated to an unforgettable experience as they embarked on a magical adventure to see Sleeping Beauty the pantomime. The school’s efforts to bring the joy of the holiday season to its pupils came to life as laughter echoed through the theater, creating cherished memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

The atmosphere inside the theater was electric, with the young audience fully engaged from start to finish. Gasps of delight, infectious laughter, and occasional cheers echoed through the venue as the talented cast brought the classic tale to life with a modern twist, incorporating interactive elements that had the pupils eagerly participating in the fun.

The day concluded with pupils returning to school, bubbling with excitement and animatedly sharing their favorite moments from the pantomime. The Observatory School aims to make such outings a regular occurrence, recognising the importance of enriching students’ lives through cultural experiences that go beyond the classroom.