Pupil raises over £100 for Birkenhead Kennels

In a heartening display of compassion, Ruby a year 9 pupil has successfully raised over £100 for a local dog charity, proving that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a significant difference.

Ruby embarked on this initiative as a personal project after learning about the challenges faced by Birkenhead Dog Kennels. Determined to contribute to the well-being of furry friends in need, she took it upon herself to make bracelets to sell at the Christmas Fair.

The funds raised by Ruby will directly benefit the kennels, providing much-needed resources for veterinary care, food, and shelter for dogs awaiting adoption. The charity expressed its gratitude for her dedication and highlighted how her contribution would have a meaningful impact on their ongoing efforts to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in the community.

Ruby shared her excitement about the success of the initiative, stating, “I just wanted to do something to help dogs who don’t have a home. I love animals, and it feels really good to know that I can make a difference.”

Mrs McGlynn commended Ruby for her initiative, emphasising the importance of instilling empathy and social responsibility in students. “The success of this fundraising campaign serves as a shining example of how individuals, regardless of age, can positively impact their communities through acts of kindness and compassion.”