In a celebration of reading and creativity, pupils and staff at The Observatory School enthusiastically embraced World Book Day by transforming into characters from their favorite stories – with the theme of Heroes and Villains. We had a Hogwarts wizard, Woody from Toy Story, a Corpse Bride to name just a few. Some of the school classrooms were teeming with colourful costumes and vibrant energy as pupils showcased their love for literature.

The event not only provided a platform for students to express their passion for reading but also fostered a sense of community as classmates bonded over shared literary interests. Teachers joined in the festivities, donning costumes of their own and engaging pupils in discussions about the importance of storytelling and literacy.

Mr Hart, who led the event expressed his delight at the enthusiastic participation of pupils and emphasised the significance of World Book Day in promoting literacy and a love for reading. “Seeing our pupils come together to celebrate the magic of books is truly heartwarming. Events like these not only spark creativity but also encourage a lifelong love for reading, which is invaluable,”