“Between 2100 on Friday and 3am on Saturday. Parts of the roof covering we’re torn off in winds that exceed predictions. A particularly large part of the roof was torn off and travelled over 75 meters, over a fence and smashed into (and broke) some the schools new play equipment – we are thankful it didn’t blow onto the road –  a number of the trees on site are also damaged.
The school is particularly exposed to the north and north west with winds that accelerate off the sea up the slope of Bidston Hill. We will be working hard with the facilities team at the Local Authority to not only repair the damage, but check the site is safe. We are arranging a building survey and a check of all the trees on site. There are further gusty winds forecasted from Tuesday so we need to be sure the basic structures are safe and nothing else is going to come off.
We will seek to provide a update to parents at lunch time tomorrow.
Mr Chiswell