In a recent school council meeting held at both the Vyner and Leasowe Campuses a wave of enthusiasm swept through the meetings as new members were welcomed into the fold. The meetings which took place on Friday in both schools, marked a pivotal moment in the schools commitment to fostering pupil leadership and involvement.

Among the new faces joining the council are Jake, John, De Andre, Sam, Henry and Joshua representing various year groups and backgrounds. Each member brings a unique set of skills, ideas, and passions, promising to contribute to the council’s mission of enhancing pupil life and addressing issues within the school community.

The agenda for the upcoming term was discussed, with topics ranging from initiatives to promote mental health and well-being to strategies for fostering inclusivity and diversity within the school environment. The council expressed its commitment to amplifying pupil voices, ensuring that all members of the school community feel heard, valued, and supported.

In his opening remarks Mr Hart, the council lead, emphasised the significance of unity and collective action in effecting positive change. He urged all members to embrace their roles with dedication and integrity, reminding them of the responsibility they bear as representatives of their peers. All of the pupils were very pleased to receive their school council badge.