Very Impressive Pupils set up their own Dungeon and Dragons social activity

Two pupils from The Observatory School are making waves with their innovative approach to socialising and storytelling. Led by JJ and Yan, the recently established Dungeons and Dragons Club is teaching younger pupils how to get involved. 

The club, founded by JJ and Yan from different year groups, aims to create a space where imagination knows no bounds and camaraderie flourishes. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), a tabletop role-playing game, has gained popularity worldwide for its unique blend of storytelling, strategy, and creativity.

The club’s members, a mix of avid D&D enthusiasts and newcomers to the game, decided to turn their shared passion into a fully-fledged extracurricular activity. They believe that Dungeons and Dragons offers an unparalleled opportunity for them to unleash their creativity, enhance critical thinking skills, and build lasting friendships.

As news of the club spreads, more pupils are expressing interest in joining. The founders are planning to organise special events, including D&D workshops and campaigns, to involve even more pupils in the fantastical world of tabletop role-playing. The Dungeons and Dragons Club is not just a game club; it’s becoming a community where students can explore their creativity, build friendships, and embark on epic adventures together.