The pupils have had a successful two weeks in school and there has been an exciting, happy feel around the whole school as the pupils have completed: transition activities, ice breakers, meet your class sessions, key stage assemblies, break-times/sensory breaks NOT in bubbles, listened carefully to new teacher expectations and demonstrated their talents.

It has been a pleasure to welcome everybody back and we are working hard to ensure that our school days this year are as uninterrupted by Covid as possible. We wanted to make sure therefore that you knew what the school is doing on this and may I thank you in advance for your support with any measures we may need to take.

Good hygiene: The pupils will continue to wash their hands every morning as they enter school. Throughout the day they will be using hand washing with soap and water and sanitising frequently. We will continue to have extra cleaning of key areas throughout the day. All touch points and surfaces cleaned thoroughly at night, as routine.

LFD Testing: As a setting we invite and recommend that all staff and regular visiting staff/professionals conduct routine testing in line with the current government guidelines.

Ventilation: All occupied spaces in school will be kept ventilated with open windows and open internal doors where possible.

Face Coverings: The Government has removed the requirement to wear face coverings in law but experts are still recommending to continue to wear a face covering in busy or enclosed areas. If you require a meeting with a teacher, this must be arranged in advance and may take place on the telephone or in person. If it is in person, we may need to ask you to wear a mask, if able to do so. Please remember there will be those who choose to continue to wear a face covering and we support this and ask all to respect this.

Bubbles and Distance: There is currently no requirement to keep to any specific bubble group and no requirement to set up classrooms in rows or to be distanced. Therefore we are pleased to have assemblies together in Key Stages and breaks and lunches together in key stages.

Isolation: As before, anybody who tests positive on an LFD test must isolate immediately and are required to have a confirmatory PCR test. All positive cases are required to isolate at home for 10 full days, either from the onset of their symptoms, or test date if asymptomatic. If an asymptomatic case develops symptoms within their isolation, they must restart their isolation from the onset of symptoms. The individual should follow the national ‘Stay at Home’ Guidance for people with possible or confirmed Covid-19 infection.

What happens if my child has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms? If your child has been identified as a close contact, you will be advised that your child takes a PCR test. They will not have to self-isolate, unless they have a positive PCR test result.

Every week we have a whole school assembly (via Zoom) to celebrate successes across the school. Last week Mr Chiswell hosted the assembly and he was very impressed with the quality of work across the school. This week Miss Gower held the assembly and like Mr Chiswell she was amazed by the quality of the work being produced across the school. You can view this weeks wall using the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend

Miss Gower