Our School Council, at The Observatory School, consists of a team of extremely active, dedicated and well organised young people. We held our first meeting on the last day of half term and everyone was excited to see what being a council member meant.

Mr Chiswell welcomed the new members and congratulated them on being elected by their class members. Miss Gower explained what the council is and what they have achieved in the past. Our head boy, Kyle gave a welcome speech and explained to the council some of the things he has been involved in throughout his time in the role.

Each class were given their council books to record their classes ideas and views and each pupil was awarded a school council badge to let others know they are part of the council.

There were lots of questions and suggestions from the members during the meeting and everyone is excited to get the council up and running. They will meet on a Friday every two weeks to discuss important issues in the school. Their first task was to get a list of rewards their classes think would improve our current reward system.

The School Council Vision Statement is as follows:

  1. We work together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible by discussing ideas and making decisions.
  2. We aim to make everyone feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.
  3. We aim to listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.
  4. We shall work hard to make our school community a better place.
  5. We aim to share all the exciting and good things happening in school through our Pupil Newsletter

During the past few years the school council have helped to improve the school environment and grounds, suggested fun activities during school time, raised money for charities and worthwhile causes.