Help Your Child Succeed in School

Success goes hand in hand with being in school every day and with many missed school days due to covid related absences this has never been more important.

Did You Know?
• Many absences, can cause young people to fall behind in school.
• Missing just a day or two every month can make it harder to learn those basic skills.
• Pupils with too many absences struggle to catch up, even with additional interventions.

All families have hopes and dreams for their children. Being in school every day will enable them to do well in
school, and to leave ready for the next phase of the education.

What Can You Do?
• Develop a regular bedtime and morning routine.
• Help your child lay out uniform and school bag the night before.
• Avoid missing school unless a child is truly sick and seek help if chronic illness is a challenge.

Check with us if you are not sure about when to keep your child at home due to illness.
• If your child seems anxious about going to school, please talk to us.
• Reach out to a family member, a neighbour, or another parent if you are having trouble getting your child to school.
• Arrange medical appointments where possible outside of the school day.
• Avoid booking holidays during the school term.

If your child has an attendance below 90%, which is mainly not covid related, and you have not been contacted
previously about this, you will receive a letter, followed by text follow ups to support improved attendance.




I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather over the last week. We have in school and we have had some wonderful experiences in school.

Last week we had a farm visit the school. There were sheep, goats and pigs to name a few. Every pupil visited the farm which was on the bottom field at school. The photographs will shortly be uploaded to the gallery.

Our girls have been working hard on their Mighty Girls course. They have been attending every Tuesday at the St James Centre and have been working well together as a team. 

This half terms value is perservence and all pupils are earning points for showing this in their lessons. Year 11 begin their GCSE exams on 16th May, and perserverence for all students throughout the next few weeks will be rewarded on results day in August.


There have been improvements in uniform this week and I would like to thank you all for your support with this. Our uniform is import to us and our school community. It plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within the student body. These factors contribute to pupils’ wellbeing, removing the additional pressures of deciding what to wear and added stress of meeting the expectations of their peers.